Phoebe T. Lim

Founder & Music Educator; 

Music Haven. 

Phoebe has a calling and passion to work with young children and their parents; equipping kids for a life-long musical journey through motivational teaching and musical fun games. She believes in using music to bring healing to the soul while building strong family relationships.

Phoebe wears many hats in her passion for music and education. Phoebe is a trained musician who sings, plays the keyboard and drum kit. She also plays the conga and the djembe, studying from the jazz legend Steve Thornton briefly. Her musical journey began very early in life when she was exposed to choir singing at church and different genres of music at home due to her guardians' musical inclination. That is why, she believes in nurturing kids with music from as young as possible. This in turn gives kids a wonderful foundation for a long term musical journey ahead; and at the same time bring about holistic development of the child, as a person, if properly reinforced at home.

Phoebe started performing on stage in musicals and in the choir since the age of 12. Her gift of singing and acting led her into hosting children's television programs in the 1990s. She was also modeling for photo shoots and television commercials at that time, while being Master of Ceremonies whenever time permits. During the weekends, she juggles between playing in the church band and conducting children and adult choirs in church.

December 1999 was the turning point in Phoebe's life, where she was blessed to further her much awaited tertiary music studies in UCSI (known as Sedaya College at that time). She stopped work and studied full-time while doing voice-over and jingle recordings on project basis and teaching some of her lecturer’s young students. Upon graduation in late 2002, Phoebe realized her calling and started working with kids in the early childhood ages. She then took up extra courses in Music and Movement through Musikgarten in 2004, to equip herself with the right tools to work with kids of this age group. In December 2009, Phoebe took up her first Kodaly training with Dr. James Cuskelly (Australia) and Ms. Judith Johnson (Australia) in a 10-day intensive workshop equivalent to a summer term college in Australia. Phoebe believes learning is a lifelong journey, therefore, she prioritises personal and professional self-development via attending courses, workshops and conferences whenever the opportunity comes along.

Phoebe has never looked back since. She has the best of both worlds. She enjoys and looks forward to weekly classes with her students (both the kids and their parents) as well as maintaining her professional work as a Voice-over and Jingle Recording Artiste on project basis. Oh yes! Phoebe also enjoys producing and directing yearly concerts for her students; from idea conception, right through to performance day. She hopes to continue to inspire and impart all that she knows to her students; as she herself commits to gaining more knowledge in her lifetime!

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